Here we are in October again. This month seems like the one that not only symbolizes the transition from fall to winter, but can also be the beginning of a settling-in period. Slowing down and settling in for a while allows us to process the happenings of the year thus far and carefully consider what we want to focus on as it draws to a close

As each month and year passes, change occurs; it’s inevitable. So rather than resist it and suffer, we can dance with change and recognize its purpose in helping us move along and evolve.


This year has been a particularly transitional one for me as I, along with my family, experienced the passing of mybeloved mother in June. It was a big change that was not anticipated, but we were blessed to have a little bit of time to adjust as the change took its course. It has been an interesting process for me involving the emotions and thoughts one might expect when a loved one transitions. It also turned out to be a powerful reminder of the importance of listening to and honoring my intuition, aka my gut – my knowing, hunches, instinct – you know… that quiet but clear inner voice telling you something.

Deep down I must have known that this year would be markedly different than the past few. Early in the year my gut kept telling me two distinctive things. One was a powerful urge to take my mom, daughter, and sister on a girls’ overnight trip for my mom’s birthday in March instead of the usual card and gift-giving. I just really wanted us to spend some quality time together. The other gut instinct told me not to plan anything for the rest of the year, but just see how it unfolded. I felt like I needed to be fluid and commitment-free.


I followed my gut feelings and arrangements were made. Thank God I listened to my intuition because when we took my mom to Palm Springs for her birthday in March, none of us had a clue that it would be her last trip and she’d be leaving us in June. The trip was absolutely wonderful. We reminisced and had lots of laughs. And obviously the fluidity of an open and uncommitted schedule was exactly what I needed to have in place for the change I didn’t know was coming.

When change occurs, especially change that’s uncomfortable and you’d rather not experience, it’s important to have a strong foundation so you can navigate it with as little suffering as possible and find the valuable meaning in it as it applies to your life.


How do you create a strong foundation? By nourishing the three pillars that comprise your whole Self – your mind, your body and your spirit. When these three pillars of Self are strong and aligned you can weather storms, navigate tricky situations and dance with whatever form of change you encounter. You are able to learn from it, become wiser and see the value of it in your life as opposed to feeling victimized by it.

Are you in the midst of changes? Whether they are out of your control or under your control, there is one constant – you always get to choose what change means to you. I’ve found that a balanced, well-nourished foundation helps me choose meanings that are spiritually valuable and support my growth as I continue to evolve and experience this amazing life.