Let’s face it – no matter how hard we try to eat a healthy diet, it can be difficult to sustain a well-balanced diet that gives us all the vitamins and nutrients we need all the time.

A healthy eating lifestyle should include a lot of fruits and vegetables, but it can be tricky making sure your fridge is always stocked with a variety of fresh, organic produce.

juice-cupI’ll tell you what, though, doing as much as you can when you can is well worth the effort. Last summer we bought a juicer to get a larger quantity and a bigger variety of fruits and (mainly) vegetables into our diets. This has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. The sheer quantity of vitamins and nutrients you can flood your system with when you juice is amazing! You couldn’t possibly eat these massive amounts of veggies in a single day, but through juicing you can get the nutritional benefits as if you had!

I highly recommend trying juicing if you can. Be careful when shopping for a juicer as they are not all created equal! I searched for one that did what was most important to me: juice leafy greens as well as hard things like beets and carrots, and not get hot when running, as heat diminishes the nutrients and enzyme activity. So centrifugal juicers were out (they generate heat), and I was led to the Tribest GSE5000 Green Star Elite. Let me just say this – I LOVE it.

juice-cup2Why is any of this information important? Because the body has an innate ability to heal itself and resist disease; it is a self-healing organism. But in order for it to be able to sustain good health and heal itself when necessary, it needs to be nourished properly and be free from the constant abuse of fast foods; refined foods; fried foods; foods high in sugar, sodium, and trans fats; foods containing additives and preservatives; foods that have been grown in nutrient deficient soil; foods that have been treated with herbicides and pesticides, and foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs), etc. – basically the foods that primarily make up the standard American diet (S.A.D.).

A healthy body helps create a happy life. A happy life is the result of a well-nourished and well-balanced body, mind, and spirit. So today I invite you to take a step that supports your physical health, and give your body the extra vitamins and nutrients it’s craving, whether through juicing; healthy, sugar-free smoothies; extra vitamins; or more raw fruits and veggies. Small steps lead to bigger steps, so at least take a little one and start moving in the right direction. It might eventually lead you to a happier, healthier place!

Juicy Talk