Nourish Yourself by Romancing Your Life

One of the principles in my book Common Sense Happiness is called “Romance Your Life.” This is one of the most important principles because the core message is to love and nourish yourself. If you don’t value yourself, make your health and wellness priorities, and meet your needs in positive ways, it’s going to be difficult to love your life and all it entails. Oh, and guess what? Loving who you are and what you have puts you in a more powerful state to make desired changes.

To start learning how to love yourself and your life, you must nourish yourself. I’m talkin’ your whole person here – mind, body, and spirit. These three pillars of your Self should be attended to so you have the best chance of attaining and maintaining the highest levels of health and happiness possible for you.

Why is it so important to romance your life by constantly nourishing yourself? Because if growth isn’t happening, then stagnation is.

You know that question people often ask when they see you – “So how’s life been treatin’ ya?” Well how about asking, “How are you treating life?” Your life is precious and should be treated as such.

My suggestion is to start treating your life like you’re dating it. Treat it like you would if you’d met the person of your dreams and want to spend the rest of your days happily loving each other. When you romance another person, you put your best foot forward. You present your best Self because you want them to experience the best of you. You’re respectful, considerate, and conscientious. You give the other person positive attention and energy. You act with integrity and have the intention of making the time you spend together fun and fulfilling.

It’s an intoxicating and wonderful state of bliss to be in. It feels so good – so wouldn’t you want to experience that as much as possible? Why wait around for encounters with others for opportunities to feel like that? Those same processes and intentions can be practiced with the goal of being loving and pleasing to yourself. Get it? You can enjoy a romantic state of mind by striving to impress your own fine Self!


Your mind is where happiness begins, where it lives, and where it hides. The state of your mind is affected by what you consistently think about, your deepest beliefs, and the meanings you apply to your experiences. Even your physiology can affect your state of mind. The combination of all of these things produces your emotions.

In order to live in a state of happiness even when negative or disappointing experiences occur, you need to nourish a healthy mindset. Do things that stretch you, broaden your perspective, make you feel more alive and energized. Address and replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. Learn new things that add to your knowledge base. Being stagnant and unchanging is unnatural. Being vibrant, like nature in the spring, is how we’re designed to be. Feed your mind something new – you need to grow!


The health of your body (which includes your brain) is affected by what you consistently eat and drink, so you gotta show yourself the love by nourishing your body with healthy fuel and movement and reducing to a minimum unhealthy food, drink, and being sedentary. But these are not the only things that affect the health of your body. Your state of mind affects it, too. A persistent, negative state of mind over a prolonged period of time can manifest as illness and disease. A negative state of mind can be any of the following: lack of self-worth, anger, resentment, jealousy, being unforgiving, fear, and feeling that your life is lacking something.

By learning how to cultivate a happier state of mind, you support the health of your body; and by treating your body well, you in turn support the health of your mind.


There’s your spirit and then there’s your spirituality. Both involve the value you place on yourself and others, the extent of your understanding of your purpose, and what you choose to do about realizing your purpose.

Feeling a sense of purpose, no matter what that purpose is, motivates you and makes it exciting to get up each day and engage! Whether your purpose seems big or small, important or insignificant, as long as it serves you it has value. You can tell if it serves you well by how it makes you feel. If it’s fulfilling, brings you a sense of joy or peace, and isn’t harming someone else, then it’s serving you well. Nourishing yourself by engaging in that which you find fulfilling is a wonderful way to romance your life.

Your spiritual connection and focus is very personal, and unique to you. For many of us the health of our spirit is directly affected by our connection to a higher power – a spiritual belief system. There are as many ways to be in touch with and practice one’s spirituality as there are people. Exploring different ways to observe, live, and practice your own form of spirituality is well worth the journey. It can help you keep things in perspective, keep your priorities straight, and maintain a balanced life. A connection with a higher power – that limitless, unconditional love and spiritual fuel – can completely fill you up and be downright magical.

This Valentine’s Day, decide to commit to treating your life like every day is a romantic encounter between you and your life. Make a point of continuously nourishing your mind, body, and spirit so you, your relationships, and all the good things in your life can continue to grow and thrive.

Nourish Yourself by Romancing Your Life