Danielle Waechter
I was stressed and depressed to the max when a friend told me about Loree. I had always wondered what life coaching was all about but never looked into it. To start, I was dealing with my 80 year old father who was diagnosed with dementia and living with me at the time. I’m the only family and had to get temporary and then permanent guardianship and conservator-ship through the courts. The paperwork alone was stressful, plus the doctor and emergency visits for dad and his aggressive, psychotic behavior while juggling my full time job, caring for my 4 dogs and fitting in a workout schedule. My finances were so out of whack and my relationship with my boyfriend of almost 5 years was going south. I was drinking almost every night and taking a lot of antimy issues. Not to mention my self love issues. My goal was to be happy and more carefree in all aspects of my life and I just wanted inner peace. I signed up for sessions with Loree immediately after getting her contact info. I instantly felt calmer and trusting of her on our first visit. Loree has helped me tremendously with goal prioritization and organization. The last couple sessions I brought my boyfriend in to see if she could get us back on track and sure enough the first session went incredibly well. Loree offered a 90 day challenge for the two of us to get to know each other’s needs and start learning how to fulfill them. The last session we had with her was amazing. We communicated a ton and pretty much wondered why we didn’t communicate before. Duh…. She outlined the issues in such a way that I now understood where my boyfriend was coming from and vice versa. We are now in the midst of the challenge and are looking forward to updating Loree as much as possible with our positive feedback and forward progression Loree has helped me more in 3 months then the 10 years of counseling I’ve had. I have definitely benefited from this and from reading her book even though it took me 6 weeks to read 85 pages. Yah, I’m not a reader, but I do recommend reading it and keeping it around for reference. Thank you Loree for getting my life back on track and making me a happier person.  

Loree was always able to help me see the positive aspects of what I thought were negative situations. She is excellent at helping you focus on what’s right with your life and helping you work to improve other areas. Great coach!

Sydney Gunn
Loree can help you with any aspect of your life. I am an athlete and I first went to Loree when I wanted some help with my mental game of golf. She more than exceeded my expectations! Not only did she help me with golf, she helped me improve areas of my life I didn’t even know I was lacking in. Loree is like a friend and is very easy to talk too. She is energetic and genuinely cares about your life and the world around you. She is a wonderful coach.

Jeri Black Steward
I met Loree during a very difficult transition in my life. Her direct approach in coaching enabled me to take control instead of being a victim. I no longer believe that my path to happiness involves an incredible amount of work, to the point of misery, to gain acceptance and love. A session with Loree is like enjoying a cup of tea and visiting with a most trusted friend while learning new life skills. She has empowered me to be able to systematically think through scenarios and make decisions with the best all around outcome, instead of focusing on who I need to make happy or who I may possibly disappoint. As it turns out, we humans are not all that unique one from another. We all have the same human needs. I am very thankful for my time spent in coaching. I honestly do love my life and I do make excellent decisions.

Abby Resch
Becoming a new mom has been a wonderful journey and a time of huge transition in my life. Needing some assistance in making this transition the most fulfilling, I started seeing Loree as a life coach. Loree is energetic and grounded and she provides a safe format to discuss concerns. Loree’s coaching helped me to focus on what was most important in my life through a process of visioning about the future and focusing on the present. Her perspective helped me to see my concerns in a new light and most importantly she gave me the tools to take steps to make real changes. Loree’s coaching helped me navigate my new path in life and I find myself utilizing the skills I learned from her on a regular basis.

Debbie Lebsock
My time spent with Loree has changed my life for the best in so many ways. My mental and physical life was going through one of the toughest times. Having been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and starting a brand new business – it was all taking its toll on me. Loree has the natural ability to make things so simple and clear. She helped me see that the answers and understanding I sought were always right there in front of me. It’s like she already knew my life and could see the whole picture. With her coaching I learned that I was capable of the things that deep down inside I had desired. The growth that I experienced during our sessions was life changing. I am a much better woman, friend, mother and human being. And most importantly I am learning to really like myself and except who I am…

Linda Tremelling
Mortgage Broker / Consultant / Business Owner
I have been involved with Loree in life coaching sessions individually and with my husband, as well as group sessions with other ladies. She has great ideas that get results and she never misses a beat! I’ve found that Loree is extremely creative in working with couples and groups to really open their eyes to life changes. She has been a great asset in my personal life and I feel I’m a more focused woman as a result of working with her.

Susan Lee
Loree is an energetic, friendly and confident life coach. She has been like a cornerstone to go back to whenever I feel I’m getting overwhelmed with life. With Loree I feel safe and comfortable totally being myself because of her non-judgmental attitude. She helps me to clarify a lot of my feelings and desires of what I want to do in my life. The way she poses questions stimulates me to contemplate each situation I face, which has helped me in my own personal growth. I feel that every comment, question or explanation is said with a purpose -which portrays to me her excellent skills as a life coach.

Ashley Dentino
Loree is a powerfully insightful and eloquent coach who fully embodies the wisdom she teaches. It’s clear she has a deep understanding of coaching philosophy and a rare capacity to guide clients into the very heart of themselves. Having her hold this space for me over the phone was a transformative and empowering experience.