Dear Friend,

Spring cleaning on yourself? Yep, you read that right. I look at spring cleaning as a much broader task than cleaning closets and the garage, although I’ve started that too. But I also get a fresh infusion of energy about this time of year that springs forth from my core, causing me to take inventory on myself.

I assess what I’ve been spending my time on and determine what I want to keep doing, what I want to do less of, more of, or just stop doing altogether. What you set your sights on is like planting a garden. It first requires your vision of what you want the end result to be – what to do, when to harvest. Next you figure out what you need to acquire – tools, seeds, dedicated time, more knowledge… and then you need to tend it carefully and consistently. For if you leave it unattended, it will produce weeds and become vulnerable to the influences of whatever forces decide to move in on it. Your garden will have been hijacked!

Your mind is your garden. Protect what you let in, (as they say, “garbage in, garbage out”), fertilize it with healthy nutrients, weed out damaging and unproductive invaders, and manage its growth with vigilance.

Doing this will help you reap the harvest of what you envision.

Have you had your ASTROLOGICAL READING done lately?

I recently had the pleasure of having mine done by Marina Ormes and it was really interesting! I was pleasantly surprised at the insights I gained about why I do the things I do and received confirmation that I’m on my right path.

It was also pretty cool that a few of the things Marina told me were the same things that the astrologer who did my chart when I was a teenager told me! Astrology may or may not be your cup of tea leaves, but I had ninety minutes of fascination and fun exploring it and say, “don’t knock it ‘til you try it!” If you’re intrigued check out Marina’s website:

Marina is also offering a free live teleclass: What Does Astrology Have To Do With Healing?, this Friday, March 2nd at 1pm PST/4pm EST. Here’s the link:


My friend Kurt Divich has written a fantastic novel called Lords of Las Vegas. This is his debut novel and it’s sure to be a best seller! I can already see the movie. The story is set in Las Vegas with all the glitz and grit, loyalties and deceit and moral dilemmas that come with Vegas. The characters will draw you in and the story will take you on an entertaining yet thoughtful journey. Lords of Las Vegas is due to be released this April but Kurt’s offering a pre-order special. Find out more and read excerpts at

What Does Your Garden Grow?