Recently in an email exchange with my daughter I asked her if she had any favorite quotes. Her email back to me was, “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Now, of course as a mother I was extremely proud that this was her response. If you’re going to pick one favorite out of the thousands of inspiring and impactful quotes out there – this one is a solid statement of truth. It certainly reaffirmed what I know about my daughter – indeed this mindset seems to run in my entire family. If you’re someone who lives this truth, it speaks volumes about your outlook on what you think is possible for yourself and what level of consciousness you’re living in. That quote says you don’t play small and you don’t always play conservatively – you play big and are willing to takes risks, you take responsibility for where you’re at and for getting yourself to another level, you’re ready to learn, practice and do things you may not have done before in order to realize something you aren’t currently experiencing or don’t currently have. You’re bold, and even if there’s a little fear or uncertainty in whatever new thing you’re contemplating, you gather your courage, roll up your sleeves, and you get to it – because that’s what you do when you want something badly enough.

Reading inspiring quotes is nice and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. But the gift of an inspiring quote is to inspire you to make a mental shift or to take action. If you’re not already doing so, make good use of your favorite inspiring quotes by making them the impetus for up-leveling your life.

Note: I’m not sure who to attribute the quote to. Two names came up when I researched it, Drina Reed and Vivek Kumar.

What Level Are You Playing At?